Questions About Process Servers | Texas and Nationwide

I'm not sure if the address I have is current; can you still help me serve documents?

Yes, we can. We use state-of-the-art tools and good old-fashioned common sense to find whomever you need to locate. We talk to neighbors and property managers to see if the person you need to find still lives at an address.

How much do you charge?

VeriServe Solutions approaches each case on its merit, so we don't have a rate sheet. We provide value, tenacity, and a deep respect for your time.

Another process server said they will beat anyone's price to serve papers. Why should I choose you?

If you choose a process server because s/he emphasizes low prices, we feel that you'll get exactly what you pay for - poor customer service and even undelivered documents without any due diligence. We go the extra mile for our clients, and make sure your documents are delivered as quickly as possible. Those who sell on price, have nothing else to offer. We sell based on the value we bring to your firm.

How do you provide out-of-state service?

We work with process servers throughout the U.S. and hold them accountable to VeriServe Solutions' high standards for service. VeriServe Solutions can manage this process, allowing you to focus on your core business. This saves you time and resources.

All process servers say they provide great service, but I have not had that experience yet. Why should I change when at least I know what to expect from my current process server?

We are sorry if you are not completely satisfied with your current provider. This is one of the main reasons VeriServe Solutions began operations. We saw a need for superior service of civil process. We make multiple attempts at contact, and we make sure your documents are delivered - even to people who actively avoid process servers.

VeriServe Solutions is also a more cost effective choice than other process servers or sheriffs and constables; we don't waste your time or money with unsuccessful searching methods. We also work hard at following your directions to the letter. We know you have a choice when you need a process server. Our goal is to be the only process server you'll ever need.